HOW TO SHORTEN A CORSET: Overbust to Underbust | Lucy’s Corsetry

HOW TO SHORTEN A CORSET: Overbust to Underbust | Lucy’s Corsetry
Another corset modification/ alteration tutorial: today I’ll show you how to turn an overbust corset into an underbust corset! This same general idea can also be applied to other shortening alterations:
– Turn an overbust into a demibust
– Turn a demibust into an underbust
– Turn an underbust into a cincher
– Turn a longline corset into a short hip corset (by cutting down the bottom edge)

If you have a “waist training corset” from Corsets-UK, Corset-Story, Corsets-Queen and the like (where they are double-boned with spirals on the seams) it will NOT lend itself well to this kind of alteration. The bones in those corsets are essentially sewn INTO the corset, and cannot be removed without damage to the bone or fabric! Please only attempt this kind of alteration on corsets where you are certain that you will be able to remove the busk/ bones easily.

Timeline (clickable links):

0:30 Before/ After
0:45 Marking the outline
1:00 Checking symmetry
1:30 Removing binding
2:00 Removing bones
3:00 Removing busk
3:55 Cutting down fabric
4:20 Cutting down busk and bones
5:15 Grinding/ smoothing busk and bones
6:35 Retipping/ Reinserting busk and bones
8:15 Reapplying binding
8:45 Summary/ Final thoughts

Featured corset: Royal Blue Brocade Steel Boned Longline Overbust (now underbust! :D) from True Corset.

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