Theater commercial, Warner’s corsets, 1910s

Theater commercial, Warner’s corsets, 1910s
Silent Film, 1910s:
“A fictionalized story of “Warner’s fashionable rust-proof corsets, guaranteed not to rust, break or tear.” On the way to bed, a little girl spies her mother’s corset and tries it on in front of a mirror. Her younger brother tries to grab it from her, and the two wrestle over the corset as they move into the bathroom. Still fighting for the corset, the children drop it into the water filled bathtub, then begin splashing it in the water. Hearing the noise, the mother goes upstairs and discovers the children playing with the soaked corset. To their surprise, mother reassures them that no harm has been done: “Thank goodness it’s a Warner’s and it’s rust-proof!” Cuts to stop-motion animation of a corset unrolling and opening and closing against a black background, then a closeup of the Warner’s label. Ends with a local tag for P.J. Myhre: “We are showing new Warner styles from up.’”

Public Domain from the Library of Congress

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